The comment by Alessandro Iovino, director of Real Inside Magazine, on the American elections.

Joe Biden won. Donald J. Trump lost.

I am a staunch supporter of Trump who is too often portrayed very superficially by the European media. These have never fully understood not so much who Trump is, but what he represents for an electorate of no small importance.

If Biden was the most elected president in history, it should be emphasized that Trump was the Republican candidate who garnered more votes than ever, and by no means insignificant, he increased his votes, compared to the one that brought him to the White House in 2016.
But let’s get to the point.

I have such a high sense of American democratic institutions, the oldest in the world, that if I were one of Trump’s advisers, I would say to him: “Stop it, let’s stop. You wrote history anyway, but before the presidents, there is the presidency. A Sacred institution. Go ahead and make appeals, but accept the defeat and remember what your supporters believe: God is sovereign, always, and He is in control of everything! “.

And for once, to be even more original than it has been so far, I would suggest to Trump not to be Trump, and to blow everyone away with a high sense of responsibility, admitting the defeat.

Moreover, now even the tweet of the Israeli Premier a few hours ago has put the tombstone on the possibility that the games are still open for Trump.

But, having said that, to be clear, here’s how things stand on the other front.

Joe Biden over a year ago was called by the party because having no chance, the Democrats thought it well to nominate an old politician but still with certain credibility, who could not say no, because he had already had the honor of having been vice president, and in political life, if you take, then, in the end, you must also give. In short: as happened to the late John McCain who, despite knowing he had no chance of beating Obama, he ran out of a spirit of service to his party.
No rising star among the Democrats wanted to clash with Trump, a very favorite, and now projected towards reconfirmation.
Biden was chosen because he didn’t have a strong vision, he doesn’t have charisma, he doesn’t excite. He was always a second, but still a man of power. The only thing in common with Trump?Both very prone to gaffes.
This is good that all new supporters of Biden, who was first elected to the US Senate when he was 30, should also know. He was therefore chosen to lose, even if he later won. It seems absurd, but it is so …Why?
Because that cursed Covid-19, or to put it like Trump, the “Chinese virus” arrived unexpectedly in March 2020. Tragically, this virus ended up being the”Best ally” for the Democratic Party. The economy that, with the tycoon at the helm of the country, was traveling strong, due to Covid, suffered a heavy setback. President Trump hasn’t always handled the health emergency well, and he’s made mistakes. There is no doubt.
But when it became clear to the Democrats that there might be some possibility, the name of Kamala Harris came out, a strong candidate for vice president who will be destined to take the stage, overshadowing the newly elected president.
Yet the “anomalous president” still in office until January 2021, has stopped, despite everything, this phantom democratic wave, which has led Biden to the White House, but with a truly negligible margin.

The 46th president inherits a torn country. And it won’t be easy to govern. There isn’t much to celebrate, honestly.

Finally, Trump has shown that he is not politically correct, he often made unhappy outings, but in this delicate phase in the history of humanity, he could be the only margin for the Chinese Empire to advance. The only one able to face it openly.The only one able to negotiate with Kim Jong-Un without going through China (I find it absurd that the media around the world are unwilling to recognize the extent of this event).The only one capable of defending persecuted Christians in the world as no other American president has done so far. But this in the Western world seems to have no weight because we are ready to defend the rights of others, and not those of our brothers. The only one who has the courage to promise – and then keep the promise – that his last three predecessors had already made, or to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.The only true friend of Israel, but also capable of tearing a historic agreement between Israel and some Arab countries, in the silence of the national press.

Trump has “Christianized” the White House. He made a strong choice: he decided to be alongside the Christians, to bring them to the center of attention of his presidential agenda. He let the shepherds He let pastors pray for him. And sorry if it is little, but this has its weight in the electoral choice of believers. Did he do it for electoral purposes? Wasn’t that sincere? Probably, but he did it!

This matters in the end.
A politician is not judged so much for his private morality, but for his ability to keep promises.

Thinking of Trump, I have always remembered that verse from the Bible which says, “God chose the crazy things in the world, to put the wise to shame” (I Corinthians 1:27). Maybe it was like that with him. But of course, I have to say, I do not share the hysteria of some Christian leaders who exaggerate in being defeatist. Too many spiritual exploitations for political reasons, too many prophecies, and fanaticisms. This president – who would have ever thought – was the most important point of reference for the American Christian world and beyond.

To all Biden supporters, I would just like to say: let’s hope we don’t see – as it was for Obama – the Islamization of the White House. Respect for religious freedom is one thing, another thing is cultural submission to this religion. But we will talk about this again.

We, believers, know that God is sovereign, over everything and everyone. Better Trump than Biden, but let’s not despair.

The appointment of Judge Barrett in recent weeks – who for many years gives a precise structure to the US Supreme Court – was Trump’s last great “gift” to his constituents.

Trump lost, but are we so sure Biden won?

As they say: whoever lives will see. History will be much more lenient to Trump than most commentators, analysts, and journalists of our time have been. In any case: God bless America!

PS: the “crazy” Trump hasn’t waged even a small war in these four years. I hope Biden will do the same, emulating his predecessor, because as vice president with Obama, he has authorized many military interventions. For the peace of all the do-gooders, leftists, and pacifists who today praise old Uncle Joe ….

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